Varm Coutry + Muovo

Varm Coutry + Muovo

Varm Coutry + Muovo

Varm Coutry cooperates with talented, splendid, stunning, etc., artists and designers. Working with these beautiful people is inexpressible. Thank you, all dear friends and aliens.

Guest Designer: Muovo 

Muovo + Varm Country = Wooden Home accessory with a beautiful pattern.
Two design companies Muovo from Finland and Varm Country from Estonia met each other, and the fantastic home accessory Transformer set with the splendid pattern was born.

Muovo is a Finnish design company specialized in pattern and surface design.

Varm Country loves them and now they have their own Muovo pattern. A beautiful new product is born from this friendship. The world has become a happier place.


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