Varm Country is a family company that believes that design and arts make the world better!

Anni Varm 

“Arts and design make the world better. I enjoy doing it. Happy little bastard as I am.” Artist, designer, illustrator, interdisciplinary artist, mother, wife, and cat owner. Her creation varies from street art to working with theatres, from illustrations to home accessories. She graduated from Pallas University of Applied Sciences, has been presented in different countries at various exhibitions and other projects, done solo, been nominated. However, most importantly, she still works out of curiosity of the world.


Taavi Varm 

“Creating visuality is one way to be.” He is a visual artist interested in combining spatial design with projection-based media. He is currently a Master’s degree student at Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University. Along the way, he has been teaching video, art, and technology-related courses for the past 20 years in different Universities in Estonia and abroad. That has lead him to be an expert in consulting various government and national projects.

He has done stage video design for numerous theatre plays in Estonia, combining hi-tech solutions to narrow the gap between technology and real-time performance.

He runs the hybrid design company Varm Studio with his wife, designer Anni Varm, which has developed many big scale projects to introduce Estonian design worldwide.

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